Patch Pulse Devlog #1 | Get Notified when New Packages are Released
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Barry Michael Doyle
Posted on Nov 6, 2023 • Updated on Nov 12, 2023

Patch Pulse: Devlog #1 - Get notified when new packages are released


Welcome aboard the Patch Pulse journey, my latest side project that has captivated my inner coder. These devlogs aren't just about sharing my project (okay, a little bragging!), they're about keeping my spirits high and, hopefully, encouraging others to turn their ideas into reality. Ready to jump in? Here we go!

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What Exactly Is Patch Pulse?

In essence, Patch Pulse is your digital lookout, an alert system that notifies you instantly when there’s a new version of the software packages you track.

A screenshot showing a Patch Pulse notification in a Slack channel

For now, Patch Pulse starts life as a Slack bot focused on npm packages, shining a light in your chosen Slack channel whenever there's fresh release news for your tracked packages. But there's more on the horizon — I'm planning to branch out into additional chat services and coding environments.

A screenshot showing a Patch Pulse message in a Slack channel about the bot being setup successfully

Working as a Senior Engineer at SecuritEase, I've always needed to keep up with the newest updates in our node_modules. With our team relying on Slack, I thought, "Why not make a bot for this?" And that’s how Patch Pulse sprang to life!

A screenshot showing a Patch Pulse message in a Slack channel confirming that a new package is being tracked

Envisioning Patch Pulse:

Since kickstarting this project, my head's been buzzing with potential.

Imagine Patch Pulse not just limited to Slack but also offering updates via:

  • Alerts on Discord
  • Alerts on Microsoft Teams
  • Email notifications
  • Push notifications on mobile applications

And there’s more — I'm picturing a system where if you're up for it, you could use Patch Pulse data to create your own custom alert tools.

While I’m at home in the JavaScript/TypeScript world, I'm eager to chart new waters. I've been thinking about diving into ecosystems like PyPI, Go, and NuGet, but I'm all for exploring even beyond these.

The Near Future for Patch Pulse:

I’m not rushing Patch Pulse, but I do have goals set for the rest of 2023:

  1. Joining the Slack App Directory: You can test the bot here, but I’m shooting for an official spot on Slack's App Directory. I just need about 10 workspaces actively using it, then we can submit it for review!

  2. Moving Into Discord: I’m on this, but I want to gather solid feedback from the Slack version first. So, expect updates!

  3. Growing a Community: I’ve laid the groundwork with the Patch Pulse Community Discord, but it needs more voices and energy. If you're passionate about nurturing online communities, I’d love your insights or collaboration!

  4. Adding More Ecosystems: I’m all ears for what ecosystems you’d like integrated next. PyPI is currently top of my list.

  5. Continuing This Story: Consider this post the first chapter of the Patch Pulse narrative. There’s more to come, including deep dives into features, development stories, and yes, some tech-heavy showcases.

Closing Comments

This project is pushing me beyond my usual frontend focused boundaries, and I’m loving every new challenge it brings!

Keen to get Patch Pulse in your Slack workspace? Join the journey here!

Feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions by leaving a comment below! I want to know which of these potential features excites you the most?

Thank you for sharing in this adventure with me; your support means the world!